Education: Donovan believes that our children deserve a quality education. He believes that by providing quality pre-school, full-funding K-12 education, and providing adequate funding to our community colleges and universities, we will continue to be a leader in providing a world-class education.

Healthcare: Donovan believes that quality healthcare is an important part of any vital community. Healthy children learn better and succeed in school, healthy adults perform better in their jobs and make Iowa companies more productive, and healthy seniors can live a fulfilling and dignified life. That is why he supports initiatives to improve healthcare for children, families and seniors in our community.

Quality of life: Iowa is recognized for a high quality of life. Yet the legislature continues to cut funding to parks and recreation, community attractions and tourism programs. We have seen a reduction in water quality programs that maintain our status as a quality of life state. Donovan will fight to maintain funding for our critical resources to assure we continue to be a leader in providing quality of life to our residents.

Stimulate Economic Growth & Job Creation: Donovan helped craft the Iowa Values Fund, Iowa’s most successful economic development effort designed to create 50,000 high-tech, high-paying jobs with benefits. His plan focuses on creating high-wage, high-tech jobs with benefits in biotechnology, advanced manufacturing and information solutions.

Provide a World-Class Education for our Youth: By investing in education, we will increase opportunities for our youth, attract young families live in this state, and prepare children for life & good jobs in Iowa. Donovan’s plan increases preschool opportunities, reduces class sizes, and fully-funds teacher quality initiatives. He supports funding for our community colleges and supports world-class university research.

Ensure Adequate Healthcare for all Iowans: Donovan’s plan helps small businesses provide health insurance coverage and requires new companies receiving incentives to provide good pay and benefits. He supports continuing the health insurance plan for children. His plan creates regional purchasing pools to purchase drugs at a significant savings.

Enhance our Quality of Life & Environment: We need to keep our communities vital and our air and waterways clean by funding the Iowa Clean Water Initiative. Donovan supports continuing the Main Street Iowa program to help our downtowns and the Vision Iowa and Community Attraction & Tourism Programs to expand our tourism industry.

Assure Affordable Taxes for All: Our taxes must be competitive with other states to keep businesses and industry and retain our youth in Iowa. Donovan plan keeps taxes affordable for all Iowans.